lea michele: a summary (insp)

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do u ever just see ur favorite character cry and suddenly ur going through a midlife crisis

Soaking up some sun in gorgeous #Mexico at the amazing @garzablancapvr … 28 is feeling great! ❤️


on a scale of one to glee how bad is that decision

Mutual respect of grey’s anatomy (-‿◦☀)

Jonathan and I started the sex scene and I tried an open mouthed little kiss and he just goes “mhmm-mhmm”. And I’m like “what the fuck is going on?”. End of act one, he runs backstage and just barfs. He had food poisoning and he locked himself in the bathroom. And I just stood outside and what did I do?

You laughed.

“Obviously, Meredith and Derek can’t go anywhere, because the show can’t be in Washington, because then I would know that my parents are really alive and living in the White House and that might piss Meredith off if she goes and sees that Ellis and Thatcher both faked their deaths.”

- Ellen Pompeo  (via team-finn)


She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently